Accounts Receivable and Collections

We take care of your customers and their payment obligations while you take care of your business.

ApexVox offers a complete range of collection services and contact center solutions designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs. We have built an infrastructure of operational sites specializing in specific market areas and/or portfolio segments.

This infrastructure allows us to deliver programs ranging from outbound calling campaigns to inbound call answering and fulfillment services.

We provide both first- and third-party Debt Collection services, incorporating a wide range of cost and service options that take full advantage of both domestic and international labor markets. In addition, we can service accounts throughout the revenue cycle.

With consumer debt and delinquency rates on the rise following COVID-19, Apex Vox ensures that businesses will continue despite economic disruptions.

Our Accounts Receivables and Collections services eliminate obstacles in payment collections while bringing our client and their customers together for seamless and stress-free transactions.

We leverage market-specific expertise.

Vertical market-specific data and our approach allow concentrated focus on each market and line of business, with operations supported by a dedicated decision analytics team. We provide industry-leading technology and access to expanded global operations.

• Industry/Client-Specific Strategies
We work with our clients to create programs that match their specific portfolio characteristics.

• Proprietary Client-Specific Analytics
Our Analytics team will review our client’s portfolios to adapt the company’s proprietary analytics, ensuring optimal performance.

• Innovative Process Development Programs
As a leading Accounts Receivables and Collections Management provider, we are committed to investing in the development of emerging technologies and processes.

We are committed to developing the right program aligned with your unique industry and company needs.

As the global leader in the Accounts Receivables and Collections Management industry, we have worked with major companies in a variety of industries and segments.

Our Account Receivables and Collections teams quickly contact customers in debt situations, identify the cause of non-payment, and implement a contingency payment plan consistent with your customer care and service strategies.

Our Collections services specialize in flexible, seamless, and cost-efficient collections in various stages of delinquency.

We specialize in managing, analyzing, and acting on customer data to recognize and minimize risks, efficiently collect payments, and build stronger customer relationships.

First Party Collections • Third Party Collections • Primary and Secondary Recovery Services

We utilize a three-part collections operating model:

I. Collection Strategy

We work with the client’s database to build customer segmentation profiles for contractability.

II. Collections Operations

We have a comprehensive framework that ranges from first-party and third-party collections to specialized services.

III. Governance

We maintain efficiency with regular reporting and analytics.

Apex Vox has made significant investments in our technology, operations, compliance and training to ensure we meet the more complex demands of our industry and customers.

Our US Based Collection Agency, located and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada is nationally licensed and PCI-DSS Certified. We are a proud member of the American Collectors Association and maintain a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Apex Vox is ISO 19600: 1400 Compliant and is assessed by the following data security standards, regulations and laws.

Our Baja ICC Facility, deploys all of our US Based Debt Collection Services, with a near shore staffing solution designed to provide our partners with a competitive pricing advantage. This is an ideal environment for agencies seeking a partner that can quickly become an extension of their operation

Our Executive Leadership have served the American Collectors Association and US Debt Collection Industry for over 35 years.

How Did We Get Here?

Apex Vox originated as an external extension of our Debt Collection Agency in an effort to reduce payroll and expand our workforce efficiency while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulators.

In 2007, we extended our domestic footprint and expanded our operations nearshore, where we now offer comprehensive and complete Call Center and BPO services to almost every vertical market. As with any operational expansion venture our vision grew. Many of our clients shared the same vison but needed a partner to help bring the vison to reality. As a result of our ICC Facility in Baja, our clients were able to expand their operations as well and Apex Vox International Call Centers was born.