Crisis Management and Support Services for Overcoming COVID-19

Apex Vox helps companies integrate chat with existing customer interaction
channels to create a highly advanced digital customer experience.

A global leader in customer experience management, ApexVox has established operational best practices for mitigating disruptions and providing crisis-response services:

• For citizens: Providing around-the-clock help lines.

• For companies: Supporting supply chain logistics, grant management, charitable endeavors, and more.

• For governments: Managing contact tracing, care center lines, citizen repatriation, and vaccination logistics and support services.

Enabling Apex Vox COVID-19 work-at-home agents (WAHA) is the best way to protect both our or your interaction experts and ensure business continuity for all.

By moving interaction experts to their homes whenever possible, we can reduce capacity at our centers and allow space for proper, and safe, social distancing.

With our ability to rapidly scale and deploy, Apex Vox International Call Centers (ICC) is uniquely qualified to deliver a wide range of essential support services, custom tailored to your business needs.

When speed and agility became a critical necessity to effective crisis management, we were able to rapidly deploy the following COVID-19 response services, to Governments and Municipalities including:

• COVID-19 Citizen Hotline: An inbound line for essential services to provide guidance on coronavirus causes, symptoms, and precautionary measures, with emergency call capabilities for medical screening of symptoms

• Government Payout Line: A line to support inquiries on government payouts to poverty-stricken citizens

• Government Economic Support Measures: A hotline for inquiries on grants for small and medium-sized businesses

• Contact Tracing and Care Center: A hotline that offers proactive social monitoring for quarantined and high-risk individuals

• Citizen Repatriation: Outbound calls to inform about social or humanitarian departure flights to aid the repatriation of citizens from abroad during the pandemic

• Donations Line: A support line dedicated to receiving donations for vulnerable groups

Helping our clients cope with soaring customer support requests during lockdowns.

While many industries faced a weak demand, others benefited from consumers spending more time at home. Some of our clients had an increase of 5x the number of customer support requests, while at the same time had to secure the health of its support teams.

Our agile deployment of a WAHA model ensured employees’ safety while providing an effective response to the increasing volume demand, making the team 60% more productive.

Automating Restaurant Delivery During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Our client experienced strong demand from both clients and suppliers with consumers under lockdown at many markets simultaneously.

While transitioning 250 agents to work-at-home in just two days, while ensuring our client’s results were maintained, our automation and chatbot solutions became a resource buffer to handle spiking demand while delivering high-quality experiences - up to 40% average handling time reduction.

Deflection from Voice-to-Messaging assured support continuity while improving Customer Satisfaction

Together with our Partner Vonage, We developed a Business Continuity Plan, combining work-at-home with IVR-Deflection from voice to instant messaging solution, which ensured customer queries were handled in an efficient and customer-friendly way while at the same time limiting the time and effort needed from IT.