Sales Support

Maximizing sales results starts with companies ensuring an exceptional experience for their customers.

At Apex Vox, we have developed and implemented strong sales programs all over the world based on our exceptional processes and tools.

We know that building strong relationships is essential for sales.
Our enterprise business and direct-to-consumer sales solutions solidified by our complete sales framework can help companies ensure that they have an edge in these increasingly competitive times.

Your Digital Partner in Customer Acquisition
Apex Vox also offers analytics and strategic solutions to ensure your customer acquisition programs meet your sales goals. This includes buyer journey mapping, alignment of solutions to customer profile types, behavioral targeting, predictive or marketing analytics, dynamic agent scripting, and call routing.

Drive your business forward with ApexVox’s complete sales framework. Our high-tech, high-touch approach blends emotional intelligence with technology for higher conversion ratios, fewer escalations, and higher revenues per call, resulting in a superior buyer experience for your customers.

The ApexVox Sales Framework:

• High-Profile Sales Specialists
• Highly skilled sales representatives with customer relationship experience

• Process and Management Methodology for Sales
• Process and management methodology for customized sales

• Sales Culture
• Sales culture focused on customer proximity

A Superior Buyer Experience

Apex Vox provides you the flexibility to supplement your existing sales program, or serve as a turn-key, stand-alone program. You can mix and match the solutions that best meet your needs:

• Lead generation (both digital and voice)
• Lead appending/validation/qualification
• Appointment scheduling
• Outbound and/or inbound telesales
• eCommerce support including chat, bots, and a unique shopping cart abandon solution

• Service-to-sales
• Existing customer cross sell and upsell
• Customer retention and loyalty management
• Customer win-back and surveys

Make every interaction an opportunity for your business to improve sales results while providing an excellent customer experience.

The Right People

We believe that the first step is hiring highly skilled sales specialists with customer relationship experience. To do this, we developed a proprietary methodology for hiring the best sales specialists using a statistical model: On Target Recruiting Scores. This allows us to identify the best key qualifiers of potential sales representatives and calculate the probability per candidate for sales.

But hiring the right people is never enough. Once the right candidates have been selected, our sales specialists undergo meticulous sales training to align them with Apex Vox’s culture and the client's values while learning sales techniques to deliver the best results.

Innovative Sales & Marketing Technology

• ApexVox Chat Support

Click-To-Chat • AP Bot • Voice-to-Chat

Apex Vox helps companies integrate chat with existing customer interaction channels to create a highly advanced digital customer experience. Chat is becoming the preferred channel of interaction globally, along with voice and email. More and more, automated conversations with chatbots and real-time interactions with service agents in chat windows have become the norm.

Today, many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands are offering chat as one of the primary channels for customer engagement. ApexVox solutions seamlessly integrates into all chat platforms, and can be integrated with IVR in no time.

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• Social Media Support

Sales • Engagement • Involvement • Insight

ApexVox offers solutions to engage and interact with your customers and to connect your brand with them across all social media channels.

We deliver a personalized customer experience with the brand, increase customer value, and have the potential to build a long-term relationship through omnichannel integration combined with the communication skills of our social media analysts.

Discover how you can interact with your customers while gaining valuable insights into your company and industry.

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