Social Media Support Solutions

ApexVox offers solutions to engage and interact with your customers
and to connect your brand with them across all social media channels.

We deliver a personalized customer experience with the brand, increase customer value, and have the potential to build a long-term relationship through omnichannel integration combined with the communication skills of our social media analysts.

What do we offer?
• Social Media Sales
Drive interest and convert through social media

• Engagement
Interact with your customers

• Involvement
Create content based on customers' interests

• Insights
Define social media strategy

Selling through Social Media
We deliver the right message, at the right place, at the right time.

We combine our customer engagement expertise with heavy data approach to design strategies and evaluate the success of our projects.

We develop campaigns based on audience analytics and analyze the lead after interaction to map buying behavior and determine the best predictors for willingness to acquire your product/service.

Social Interaction Management
Turn your social media into true customer care with low response times and high satisfaction average.  Excellent client interaction retains and attracts more consumers to your brand than any other social media metrics. To ensure productive interaction with customers, we develop a progressive social media strategy that aligns your brand’s needs with your customers’ desires.

We help clients set their social care centers, re-imagine interactions with customers, provide direct support, address customer complaints, and invite customers to participate in a two-way dialogue. Through the implementation of the right team, processes, and meaningful dialogue, we gain customer loyalty, transforming customers into brand advocates.

Content Creation
We leverage positive interactions to bring the brand-client relationship to another level and increase revenue opportunities. 

Through meticulous consumer analysis and tailored content strategy, we develop proactive content to reach the ideal client engagement level and create brand advocates.

Through the creation of relevant content, we leverage the interactions between brands and customers, converting fans into advocates no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

Actionable Insights
With our thorough client and market studies, our experts provide actionable recommendations to help revolutionize the way you use social media.

Our Insights solution combines years of contact center and client service knowledge with social media information to help you develop a perceptive, forward-thinking strategy for your brand.

We use big data analysis and expert market studies to recommend actionable plans that produce tangible results.

This is our way of making every interaction a unique opportunity on social media.