Customer Care Support Services

Your customers will be contacting an environment perfectly tuned to ensure the right services
at the right time to increase business results, loyalty, and repurchasing.

Our 35+ years of experience allow us to deeply understand the customer journey and make it simpler, faster, safer and more cost-effective.

We are your most agile partner designing product and service inquiries, complaint resolution, customer surveys and emergency response, integrating channels seamlessly and always delivering consistency.

At Apex Vox you will find the power of technology leveraging human actions, perfectly combining security and privacy, to help you show your customers that you really care.​

We provide a wide range of omnichannel solutions, delivering a high level of accessibility, reliable information and care for your customers from the first contact.

Innovative Customer Care Technology

• ApexVox Chat Support

Click-To-Chat • AP Bot • Voice-to-Chat

Apex Vox helps companies integrate chat with existing customer interaction channels to create a highly advanced digital customer experience. Chat is becoming the preferred channel of interaction globally, along with voice and email. More and more, automated conversations with chatbots and real-time interactions with service agents in chat windows have become the norm.

Today, many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands are offering chat as one of the primary channels for customer engagement. ApexVox solutions seamlessly integrates into all chat platforms, and can be integrated with IVR in no time.

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• Social Media Support

Sales • Engagement • Involvement • Insight

ApexVox offers solutions to engage and interact with your customers and to connect your brand with them across all social media channels.

We deliver a personalized customer experience with the brand, increase customer value, and have the potential to build a long-term relationship through omnichannel integration combined with the communication skills of our social media analysts.

Discover how you can interact with your customers while gaining valuable insights into your company and industry.

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