Technical Support

Technical support may represent the opportunity you were waiting for
to upgrade your customers’ loyalty to the next level.​

From self-service mode to getting in touch with the product experts, we will guide you through the several tiers of tech support to help you show your customers that you are ready to go that extra mile to amaze them. ​

Are your technical issues standard or more complex, requiring more sophisticated troubleshooting procedures?

Do you need high-level support for large scale, large impact cases?

Maybe you are looking for engineering services including testing, product level resolution management or lab services. ​

We can help you with the right tools, the right channels, and the right people. Our commitment is to use our focus on innovation and continuous improvement to make this journey simpler, safer, and faster.​

With Apex Vox – You can offer support at multiple tiers of service:

• Multilingual highly complex support delivered across a wide variety of channels, aided by automation and innovative technologies (B2C, B2B, SMB, B2E, and Engineering environments).

• Technical solutions across the complete customer lifecycle from installation and activation to RMA management and parts/field support.

• Experience in wide range of industries: Consumer Electronics, telecommunications, E-commerce, Retail, Automotive, and New Economy companies.

• Offerings for ISPs, MSPs, Wireless Carriers, and other telco services in addition to Retail, Automotive, and New Economy companies.

• Rapid & highly effective support, account & case management solutions that aid in augmentation & retention, decrease operating expenses & optimize the CX.

Tier 1 – Standard technical issues through proven processes;

Tier 2 - Complex and escalated issues requiring more sophisticated troubleshooting procedures;

Tier 3 - High-level support for large-scale, large-impact enterprise issues and cases;

Tier 4 - Engineering services, including testing, product level resolution management, and lab services

Innovative IT Support Technology

• ApexVox Chat Support

Click-To-Chat • AP Bot • Voice-to-Chat

Apex Vox helps companies integrate chat with existing customer interaction channels to create a highly advanced digital customer experience. Chat is becoming the preferred channel of interaction globally, along with voice and email. More and more, automated conversations with chatbots and real-time interactions with service agents in chat windows have become the norm.

Today, many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands are offering chat as one of the primary channels for customer engagement. ApexVox solutions seamlessly integrates into all chat platforms, and can be integrated with IVR in no time.

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• Social Media Support

Sales • Engagement • Involvement • Insight

ApexVox offers solutions to engage and interact with your customers and to connect your brand with them across all social media channels.

We deliver a personalized customer experience with the brand, increase customer value, and have the potential to build a long-term relationship through omnichannel integration combined with the communication skills of our social media analysts.

Discover how you can interact with your customers while gaining valuable insights into your company and industry.

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